Prof. Dr. Luc Lavrysen


Master in Law

Ph.D. in Law

On October 14th 1997 Luc Lavrysen obtained the degree of doctor in law at Ghent University, with a Ph.D. titled “The development of the European, Belgian and Flemish environmental law in a changing institutional context. Research on the development of environmental law from a public law perspective” (English translation). From May 1985 until May 2000 he was Law Clerk  at the Belgian  Constitutional Court in Brussels. From May 2000 until January 2001 he was State Councilor. Currently he is a judge in the Belgian Constitutional Court. He successively combined these functions with the function of scientific researcher (1985-1989), voluntary assistant (1989-1991), academic counsel (1991-1992) and visiting professor (1992-1998) at Ghent University in the domain of environmental law. Since February 1st 1998 he is part-time (20 %) professor in environmental law, charged with courses in environmental law at various faculties.

Since January 1st 2000 he is director of the Centre for Environmental and Energy Law (CM&ER) at Ghent University. Furthermore he is chief-editor of the “Tijdschrift voor Milieurecht” (one of Belgian’s leading environmental law magazines) till the end of 2019, president of the working group Product Policy of the Belgian Federal Council for Sustainable Development and president of the EU Forum of Judges for the Environment.


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