Prof. Dr. Sandra Rousseau

Master of Business Economics: Business Engineering
Master of Science in Economics
Ph.D. in Economics

Sandra Rousseau is an associate professor at the Research Center for Economics and Corporate Sustainability (CEDON) of the KULeuven. Her research is centered around three themes: 1) Environmental Economics, 2) Law and Economics and 3) Scientometrics. As a rule, there are theoretical and applied aspects as well as data gathering aspects to her work. She started her research career in the field of environmental economics and more specifically with a Ph.D. on the monitoring and enforcement of environmental policy instruments. The main focus of her research concerns the design, implementation and evaluation of environmental policy and policy instruments such as environmental taxes, tradable permits and labeling systems. To this end she explicitly takes the implementation of policy in practice into account by allowing for administrative costs, imperfect compliance and asymmetric information. More recently, she is also exploring the implementation of non-market valuation techniques, since an explicit (monetary) valuation of the impacts associated with policy scenarios is crucial when evaluating and designing an adequate environmental  policy.


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