Prof. Dr. Stef Proost

Ph.D in Economics

Stef Proost is full professor at the KULeuven. He teaches environmental economics, energy economics and transport economics to economists and engineers. He is co-founder of the Energy Institute of the KULeuven and co-founder of the spin-off Transport Mobility Leuven (TML).

He is specialized in using partial and general equilibrium models to address public policy questions: optimal pricing and investment in transport, choice of policy instruments for environmental policy, energy pricing questions. He is co-author of the models TRENEN, TREMOVE, MOLINO, MARKAL and GEM-E3 that are used widely in the EU. He coordinated and participated in several European research consortia (TRENEN-II, FUNDING, GEM-E3, PRIMES, MARKAL, CAPRI, AUTO-OIL 2, UNITE, MC-ICAM, REVENUE, etc.). He also participated in transatlantic US-Europe research networks. He has served as an expert for EU Administrations for Transport, Environment, Energy and Economic and Financial affairs, for OECD, UIC, for the federal and regional governments of Belgium and for a few other national governments as well as for private firms in the energy and transport sector.


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