De Schuyter & Lambrecht, 2009

Melissa De Schuyter & Jesse Lambrecht, Uitgevoerd staat netjes? De controle op de uitvoer van afvalstoffen naar derde wereldlanden: wetgeving en beleidsvoering [Tidily exported? The control on waste export to Third World countries: legislation and policy], Tijdschrift voor Milieurecht 2009/6, 684-717

This article tries to give insight into the current controls in Belgium on waste shipments to third world countries and their quality. Following the introduction the authors discuss the Probo Koala case to set the stage (Part 2). Part 3 analyses the European legislation. Part 4 concerns the IMPEL-TFS network and highlights some projects concerning cross-border waste shipments executed thanks to this network. Part 5 discusses the actual enforcement of cross-border waste shipments in Belgium. The different authorities involved are described, along with their tasks and realisations. The authors explain how the controls are executed in practice, how the different authorities involved communicate with each other and which problems they meet.

Full publication (Dutch) here.