Billiet, 2016b

Carole M. Billiet. Kroniek van bestuursrechtspraak inzake bestuurlijke beboeting: de rechtspraak van het Milieuhandhavingscollege in de jaren 2013-2015 [Chronicle of administrative adjudication with regard to administrative fining decisions: the case law of the Flemish Environmental Enforcement Court in the years 2013-2015], Rechtskundig Weekblad 2015-16, 1163-1186

The Environmental Enforcement Court, a Flemish administrative court, handles appeals against administrative fines punishing environmental offences. This paper sketches and discusses the evolution of the court’s case law in the years 2013-2015, on the backdrop of the legal framework and its evolutions. The case law selection focuses on judgments with relevance for administrative fining in general and the future of administrative fining in environmental and land use law specifically.

Full publication (Dutch) here.